Kinky Tales Volume 3


The rules of kink take a back seat as the Authoress of Hardcore Allure returns with her freakiest
fantasies yet!
In this mind-blowing kinky collection, T. L. Hayes presents the third and final installment in a trilogy of salaciously sexy stories. Kinky Tales Volume 3 is filled to the brim with 11 twisted tales of absolute pleasure that will light her sexual soul on fire and leave him ready to feed the flames.

Follow these uninhibited temptresses as they chase their sexual endgame without shame. You’ll be stimulated from start to finish as you join the city’s most in-demand fetish escort on an unforgettably freaky call, sit in on a sex addict session with her shy therapist, and take a Ryde with the owner of the sexiest car service around.
And when you’re thirsting for more, dive into the mysterious masquerade auction that pleases buyers with a night they will never forget, a gentleman’s club catering to glory hole enthusiasts, a foursome that fulfills a naughty sportscaster’s every desire, a freaky Friday out-of-body swap, and so much more…

Lie back, relax, and escape as the Queen of Kink takes you away on an erotic journey that will tease you and please you beyond your wildest (and dirtiest) dreams. And be sure to catch Kinky Tales Volume 1 and 2 for even more sexy and sassy vixens on a mission to find the wildest,
raunchiest, and freakiest pleasure possible.

WARNING: This book is for adults only. This collection contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity including sex with strangers, ménage à trois, group sex, double penetration, sex in public, and more.


Without responding to his question, I stood up, pulled my skirt above my waist, and then pulled my panties down to my ankles, removing one foot and kicking the other one up to my hand, snatching them off. I gathered my panties into my hands and balled them up, then walked over to him and straddled his lap.
Freak Of The Week


Staring straight ahead into the crowd, I reached my hand across my shoulder, unsnapping the button on the strap of my dress and letting it fall off my body. It dropped to the floor, and there I stood, butt-ass naked with nothing on but my gold heels. The auction became a full-blown bidding war as the crowd went crazy.

Pussy Protege


There was a knock at the door. A man walked in the room, wearing a white lab coat. The strangest thing I noticed about him was that he was wearing white rubber gloves. In his hands he was holding a silver medicine tray that contained two glasses of water, one capsule-shaped pink pill, and one blue pill.

Freaky Friday

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