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Erotic Foreplay


It's Open Mic Night at Club Erotica. Nevayah a free-spirited, creative soul from birth is trying to discover her inner freak poetically.

Ready to bare her freaky soul and let her licentious words flow to the rhythm of soft snapping fingers, her poetic freestyle mixed with a rhythmic flow allows her suggestive wordplay to speak volumes as she shares to the world what she's never shared before.

As she ignites her erotic imagination through her sultry voice, she spews hot erotically enhanced words from the depths of her soul to an audience that is so oblivious to the culture, that they will become impregnated from the mere sounds of her literary foreplay. Braving the dark waters of her risqué side, the intensity of her salacious words will erupt through your eardrums like an orgasm.

Fresh on the poetry scene along for the ride is a group of freaky friends from all over the world whom she shares a congenial poetic bond with; so brace yourself as these uninhibited poets give your frontal lobe something you’ll never forget.

These freaky poems will have you touching yourself as you masturbate to the rhythm of your own moans and climax to heights unimaginable. This is not your ordinary erotic poetry so sit back, relax, and prepare to get mind screwed.

Welcome to Open Mic night.


Pussy In The Morning

As the sun rise, I wipe the sleep from my eyes

Mesmerized by the sight of him.

There he was such a gorgeous specimen,

Straddled over me, ready to devour this pussy

Like it was his morning coffee.


Sexually Insult My Intelligence

You want to assault my sexual intelligence?

Well, good luck,

I’m a sapiosexual,

So it would be hard to let go,

Once you’re hooked.


Especially after I’m done with you,

Blindfolding you,

Mind fucking you,

Licking and sucking that big fat juicy ego.


Tease Me

Tease me without touching me,

Without sucking me,

Without fucking me.


Aggressively seduce me with lust,

Without touch,

Make my pussy bust.

Make me cum from the sight of your tepid tongue,

 As you salivate,

But don’t make me wait too long.

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