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Erotic Foreplay



It's Open Mic Night at Club Erotica. Nevayah a free-spirited, creative soul from birth is trying to discover her inner freak poetically.

Ready to bare her freaky soul and let her licentious words flow to the rhythm of soft snapping fingers, her poetic freestyle mixed with a rhythmic flow allows her suggestive wordplay to speak volumes as she shares to the world what she's never shared before.


As she ignites her erotic imagination through her sultry voice, she spews hot erotically enhanced words from the depths of her soul to an audience that is so oblivious to the culture, that they will become impregnated from the mere sounds of her literary foreplay. Braving the dark waters of her risqué side, the intensity of her salacious words will erupt through your eardrums like an orgasm.


Fresh on the poetry scene along for the ride is a group of freaky friends from all over the world whom she shares a congenial poetic bond with; so brace yourself as these uninhibited poets give your frontal lobe something you’ll never forget.

These freaky poems will have you touching yourself as you masturbate to the rhythm of your own moans and climax to heights unimaginable. This is not your ordinary erotic poetry so sit back, relax, and prepare to get mind screwed.

Welcome to Open Mic night.

Kinky Tales Volume 1

ISBN-13: 978-1530527526


What woman wants to settle for dull, routine sex when she can take matters into her own hands and cross over to the world of kink?


In this kink-driven collection from T.L. Hayes, the authoress of hardcore allure takes you on an erotic roller coaster ride as she taps into the minds of some of the freakiest and kinkiest women around. This erotic collection includes twelve freaky tales of love, lust, and wanton women turning their deepest and darkest sexual fantasies into reality. These women are smart, sexy, independent, and will settle for nothing less than mind-blowing trysts that leave them wet and dripping with satisfaction.


There are tales for every taste and fetish level. From taking on a UFC fighter in his fast car, making waves with an international reggae star in his tour bus, entertaining twin brothers in the hot tub, sweaty lovin’ on the stripper stage, naughty encounters in the club, horny girls on first-class flights, love in an elevator, to mystery sex and glory holes, wife swapping, and the simple raw pleasure of seducing the maintenance man with a single popsicle—these women know what they want, and they know how to dominate their men into just the right position.


Sexual freaks from all walks of life are painted in all shades of kink in this salacious collection. Read to the last page, because you won’t want to miss a single twist in this scorching-hot book that’ll leave you begging for Volume 2!

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Kinky Tales Volume 2

ISBN- 978-1546381013

Just when you thought that the Kinky Tales series couldn’t get any kinkier, Volume 2 takes you over the top. T.L. Hayes, the authoress of hardcore allure, is back as she takes you on yet another sexual excursion through the uncharted waters of kink.

This erotic collection includes ten freaky tales that are guaranteed to leave her panties saturated and his sexual potency pushed to the limit. Exciting, raunchy, and sexually uninhibited, witness the bold, fearless, no holds barred behavior that these sexy nymphomaniacs encounter as they turn your sexual fantasies upside down and leave you constantly begging for more.

Embark upon a new, titillating journey as these sophisticated, captivating, spontaneous, and sexually temerarious women take kink to a whole new level while erotically teasing and stimulating all of your erogenous zones.

Brace yourself as you live vicariously through the lascivious behavior of these promiscuous women, invading and blowing your mind. From deep sea diving at the swinger’s club, computer lovin’ in a sex factory, partaking in raunchy festival shenanigans, quenching your thirst from a chocolate sex fountain, fashionably teasing the camera on the runway, seducing a waitress with freaky, sexual innuendos, eating from a human sundae, trying on sex in the dressing room, and surviving hell week at the kinkiest sorority on campus - nothing is off limits for these sexually extroverted women!

Catch up with Kinky Tales Volume 1! Then hold on tight and enjoy the sexual fantasy ride as Volume 2 is just as explicit and mind-blowing as ever, leaving you thirsty and supplicating for Volume 3.


Kinky Tales Volume 3

 ISBN-13: 978-1722037703

The rules of kink take a back seat as the Authoress of Hardcore Allure returns with her freakiest
fantasies yet!
In this mind-blowing kinky collection, T. L. Hayes presents the third and final installment in a trilogy of salaciously sexy stories. Kinky Tales Volume 3 is filled to the brim with 11 twisted tales of absolute pleasure that will light her sexual soul on fire and leave him ready to feed the flames.

Follow these uninhibited temptresses as they chase their sexual endgame without shame. You’ll be stimulated from start to finish as you join the city’s most in-demand fetish escort on an unforgettably freaky call, sit in on a sex addict session with her shy therapist, and take a Ryde with the owner of the sexiest car service around.
And when you’re thirsting for more, dive into the mysterious masquerade auction that pleases buyers with a night they will never forget, a gentleman’s club catering to glory hole enthusiasts, a foursome that fulfills a naughty sportscaster’s every desire, a freaky Friday out-of-body swap, and so much more…

Lie back, relax, and escape as the Queen of Kink takes you away on an erotic journey that will tease you and please you beyond your wildest (and dirtiest) dreams. And be sure to catch Kinky Tales Volume 1 and 2 for even more sexy and sassy vixens on a mission to find the wildest,
raunchiest, and freakiest pleasure possible.